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Found 3 results

  1. I was assaulting an alien base and my armored car got blown up in the first corridor, blocking the way for my troops. To clear the wreckage, I placed a C4 charge next to it and took cover behind the corner. To much of my suprise, the explosion not only cleared the wreck but also turned my explosive expert into chunky salsa. Here's a recreation of the bug: http://imgur.com/a/B8vGh
  2. Hi there, is there anyway to implement a visual cue so that we see what we're going to affect with area weapons (grenades, rockets, etc.) ? We know from the description how many tiles they affect, but it would still help. Since the tiles are squares and not hexes, a light coloring (orange ?) of the affected tiles would be awesome (vs drawing a circle to delimit a zone) I'm asking, since there is already some similarities with path and shooting path coloring, which are neat
  3. Sathra

    X-com eu lp

    Well, lets get this show on the road. I'll be playing this with Seb76's UfoLoader with heavier Heavy Plasma, stackable grenades and 200 power HE packs. Edit: Heavy Plasma and Plasma Pistols have also been modified, Heavy Plasma extensively so. It'll be on Superhuman, since every other setting makes me paranoid for some reason. [/url] Current recruits: Cpt. HunterHavoc - Heavy Laser, P Pistol, HE Packs. Kills - 25. Col. Dix II - Heavy Laser, P Pistol, HE Packs,Medikit. Kills - 25. Sgt. Kirmu III - Heavy Laser, HE Packs, P Pistol. Kills - 14. Col. Assoonasitis - P Rifle, HE Packs. Kills - 45. Col. Jean-Luc II - L Rifle, L Pistol, Stun Rod, 2 grenades, 1 Smoke, Scanner, 2 Medikits. Kills - 29. Cmdr. Lucy Fer - L Rifle, L Pistol, 2 grenades, Scanner and Medikit. Kills - 32. Sgt. Animal II - L Rifle, Stun rod, 1 Smoke, Scanner, Flare, Medikit. Kills - 6. Lenina Huxley - Pistol, Stun Rod, Medikit, Flare. DEAD. Cpt. Marren Nidth - Heavy Plasma, P Pistol, Medikit, HE Packs. Kills - 21. Marty Marillo III - L Rifle, P Pistol, Medikit, HE Packs. Kills - 13. Cpt. RavenX II - P Rifle, 2 grenades. Kills - 5. Current Casualties: 17. Casualties that count: 8. Tanks Lost: 2. I'll update this list as needed, with stuff in italics kit yet to be available. Inform if you want to make changes. As for death, thinking of just having you cycle into a new recruit with a number appended, or 'possess' one of the NPC troopers if possible (your choice) and rename them. If you want to write up in-character stories or give tips and such, feel free as long as it doesn't derail the thread too much. (Links to stuff goes here)
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