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Found 4 results

  1. So I just bought the game an hour ago, waited for the download to finish, and I can't open it. I downloaded it on Windows format, and did everything I should have. The file doesn't even show up as anything, just as a text document. Did I download it wrong and is there a way I can re-download my game without paying for it twice?
  2. Hi guys, sorry to be such a noob here, I bought the game yesterday, and if I'm correct it looks like a new build came out today, where do I get that from? Do I need to register my game on the forum somehow? Or has Desura already done it? How do you check which build you have? Thanks in advance!
  3. downloading this game is the first time I've come across desura, I've never been a fan of having to be connected to the internet to play single player games but I guess that's a sign of the times. That being said it seems I can't get it to run the game again and I find that half the time i don't know if it's a problem with the game or that there is a problem with desura. what's your thoughts guys ??
  4. hi, someone could please share a demo download link? i did read on various sites its available (mostly dated new post tho), but didnt succeeded so far finding it. thank you!
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