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Found 3 results

  1. I just downloaded version 17.6 exrerimental. I was playing a ground combat mission against an undamaged corvette. I'm not able to open the corvette door. There seems to be an unpassable row between the door and the soldiers (see the black tiles in the screenshot) It is not possible to move the soldiers right next to the door in order to open it. I fired a couple of rockets against the door and it exploded. It was still blocked, no way to get inside. Note: I had already started the mission on version 17.5. Then Steam updated the game. Before the update I was able to enter corvettes.
  2. i'm trying to throw a grenade inside medium ufo through a door that has no "open" tooltip (the door that separates furthest section of this ufo). I'm throwing it by cpt. JONATHAN VESSEY to closest alien. See savegames - this one for throwing grenade and this one for door with no tooltip. Grenade just flies out of the ufo and explodes at top left map corner
  3. Found a few bugs with pathing through an open door, and No Clipping for a tree & boxes. I have not tested this on all tree's and boxes, but it appears that if the wooden box is touching another Cover Prop it becomes passible. If the same wooden box is adjacent to a Large Prop, Xenonauts cannot walk inside it. I have also found the No Door Entry glitch with another building, but I have yet to get a screenshot. I have included 5 screenshots to verify bug and map locations. 1.) http://windpower4homes.net/images/Door-No-Entry.bmp 2.) http://windpower4homes.net/images/Walk-Thru-Box.bmp 3.) http://windpower4homes.net/images/Walk-Thru-Box-2.bmp 4.) http://windpower4homes.net/images/Walk-Thru-Box-3.bmp 5.) http://windpower4homes.net/images/Walk-Thru-Tree.bmp Pay no attention to those 30 round mag's It still only give's me 20.
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