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Found 3 results

  1. In the Cold War... no one cares if you scream. With X-Com2012 out there and at least a little while before Xenonauts is ready to go, why not look to entice yet another set of games fans towards the game? Aliens Colonial Marines is out in Feb 2013. Now who remembers this, from the Kickstarter goals:- Reaper (Chryssalid) Hive tileset ($40k) – in addition to the normal alien base missions, we will add Reaper (the Xenonaut equivalent of Chryssalids) Hive missions to the late-game. These would feature “nodes” that spawned infinite numbers of Reapers until destroyed. Yes, I have been playing Space Hulk. To get you in the mood, here's a flash game based on Leading Edge's rather brilliant board game of some years ago. Xenonauts would be onto something pretty good to recreate that sort of tension for such missions. Aliens Flash Game Naturally, Corporal Hicks will want a nuke 'em from orbit option in there
  2. Thank you for making, what looks like from the screenshots I've seen, a great strategy game in spirit of "X-Com: UFO Defense". Is there any current plan to include an alien race that behaves and perhaps looks similar to the Chryssalid or Tentaculat races in the X-Com series? They really brought a sense of terror to the "UFO Defense" and "Terror from the Deep". I just played a game of "UFO Defense" the other day where I got cocky and lost 6 soldiers to Chryssalids!
  3. Hi! newcomer with a question: Will the chrysalids from the original x-com be returning in a later build of xenonauts? or are they too closely linked to the original game there may be legal problems? just thought id ask EDIT: sorry didnt read one of the previous threads can someone delete this for me?
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