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Found 5 results

  1. so my base gets attacked i set up and wait and wait and wait....eventually i go looking for them I find them in 2 sections of my base ..do they ever come out of the rooms they pick to camp in? do they try to reach there objective? im talking i waited 40-60 turns and they havent budged yet
  2. After doing my playthrough up to mid February, I can say with absolute assurance that base defense missions are the most imbalanced part of the game. By November, you can get landingships arriving with three groups of light blue androns (anywhere in the base!) and you're expected to defend that with a handful of troops armed with laser weaponry and maybe a couple of plasma guns and wolf armor. This is in Veteran mode, mind you, but it's still unwinnable without exploiting see-through smoke and aliens who are ignorant of your scout vehicles. While I like the idea that some base defense missions and some terror sites should be essentially unwinnable, base defense missions do not offer you the opportunity to salvage anything. Even the scientists, technicians and aircraft who have been evacuated are lost! The lousiest part, however, is that your soldiers whom you spent so long to train are essentially doomed, unless you evacuate everything beforehand and sell the base before the landing ship arrives. This is more of an annoyance factor than an imbalance factor because it really wasn't your "fault" that the soldier was killed. And to top it all off, you don't have a base anymore. There's two ways that I can think of to balance this: 1. Do not lessen the number of aliens in the attack, but let the player retreat and salvage some of his stuff if the base defense is unsuccessful. (There is an emergency exit tunnel in the war room that can be permanently sealed before the aliens follow you out. Units that are in this room when the mission is aborted will be saved). - Aircraft, personnel, and inventory evacuation. All of this stuff can be evacuated to another base so that it is not lost. If you don't have a spare base, then you can evacuate it to the unlimited storage of the government warehouse. Aircraft can be stored there for free indefinitely. Scientists and techs can be housed there too, but they are still on payroll. 2. Base defense batteries kill some of the invading aliens. 75% damaged landing ships still seem to arrive with the full complement of aliens. Perhaps the number of invaders could be proportional to the integrity of the alien craft. Way easier to program, although I have a feeling it would be more "granular" than solution #1 in that the outcome of the base defense would depend primarily on whether or not the defensive batteries connect, rather than on how you manage your troops. Personally, I like option #1, because it makes base loss tolerable-yet-punishing. You're still losing about a million dollars worth of base facilities, a month of rebuilding time, and all of your loot, but at least you aren't being punished by losing your elite soldier squad. Oh, and there should be a solider armament screen before the base defense begins.
  3. Ok so December I got *five* base assault ships coming at me. I shot down 3, one got in and I easily defeated the squad it sent in, only to have another one pop up about 4-5 days later. (On a side note you should get the tech that the ship that invaded you had, unless it was only dropping off a attack squad)
  4. That was a reasonable question even in original XCOM games. Is it a random case in Xenonauts or not? If random thats a pity idea. I hoped finally aliens may have strategic plan how to win. Than taste of victory as Humans will be much higher. By the way I like that in the 17th of February Aliens begin THIRD attack on my 3rd base. I mean THIRD in February. I like the way they deliver experience to my another kill-them-all-ers team. But why they like 3rd base? The second hits UFOs more often and fly on missions too, but they attacked it only once and long time ago. The attack on primary base happens usually once a month. Not a trouble with plasma rifles. :-)
  5. Base defence mission in December. Two soldiers equipped with Buzzard armour. As they move, a larger version of the animation also appears, duplicating the soldiers actions. An exception to this is when firing - in this case a scatter laser. Then the enlarged animation showed the Xenonaut jumping a wall/ fence.
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