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Found 6 results

  1. I was always keen to see that each of the alien races would have something meaningful to contribute to the R&D of the game. This is partly to eliminate any superfluous research, but also to show that humanity was using the alien biology and culture. Looking at the autopies/ vivisections in assets (and please correct anything that now appears automatically out with researches, so this is a bit off the cuff) there' seem to be a few that don't really add that much. SPOILER SPACE FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE RACE NAMES/ RESEARCH TOPICS Caesian Their autopsy leads into Alien Biology and hence stun weapons. Their vivisection simply gives a bonus against them. So both counter measures.Having the Caesian Psion lead into some human psionics, if only defensive measures. Sebillian As per Caesian, they lead into Stun Weapons, but their vivisection will also provide you with the updated Medikit, so this is a good example of what would be nice to see elsewhere. Andron In 19.4 this doesn't seem to go anywhere? I would have thought it would lead into flexible armours (Wolf) or into Alien Electronics (which I see it did back in v18) Harridan A clear link into the Buzzard suit is there. I'd have thought that this would have been a prerequisite, rather than just an option along with any of the drones. Some sort of sniper rifle accuracy bonus may be a nice addition. Wraith - feeds back into the alien biology you'll probably already have by the time you meet them. I suppose a teleportation unit is out of the question. Ummmmm... some sort of 1 turn camouflage? A stasis grenade that blocks teleportation in it's range? Praetor - Something psionics related, if only defensively would seem to be in order. Reaper - In the spirit of invulnerable aircraft, research here could create greyed out zombie soldiers of your favourite Xenonauts. They would have a HP allocation much like an assault shield. Failing that, some sort of Medikit enhancement. Drones - Drones seem to lead into the buzzard. I'd have thought one at least (Medium or Heavy) into a hovertank. An Xenonaut drone was always on the wish list though. So a few thoughts, although the aliens , for me, should always have the edge.
  2. Ok so maybe not cheating but WOAH ... What .. the Hell ... lol ... I just went to a downed UFO, Those Lizard men looking freaks, and i have two men hiding behind a wall ... I have roughly 17% chance to hit with max TU's thrown into an aimed shot ... bear in mind, I also have a 50% chance of hitting the Wall the lizard-thing is hiding behind, so all in all I'm basically screwed with aimed shots. My sniper is a little farther up the map, not too far, but has a 57% chance of hitting with full TU in aimed shot ... Turn one ... Everyone misses, Alien auto-shots destroys the wall one of my people is behind and hits another one. Turn two ... Everyone misses, Alien auto-shots "Two" of the shots kill one of my men ... Turn three ... Everyone misses, Alien auto-shots, Hits my other man behind the wall killing him too. So my question is ... What the hell is the alien accuracy with burst shot ... they never seem to miss, and two of a three burst connecting, even though with fully aimed shots I'm not topping 20% ... Whats going on here, I know there's meant to be a challenge, but when your soldiers are being wiped out because they're so blind they couldn't hit themselves, and fighting enemies that just cant miss if they wanted too, The appeal of playing the game really just starts to fade away ... To end it all, after losing 4 men in 4 turns I just turned it off ... If i cant hit them I may as well pack up and go home!
  3. So since the beta is out I've been enjoying it massively...Only had one crash mid combat...(Accepteble).But i find that aliens are very trigger happy...It seems like they do not think ''complex strategy's''.To me it seems like most aliens strategy is to be a camper and just stay there pulling incredible accurate reaction shots.Also once let's say I evade the reaction shot and i move closer to him(obviously kneeling next to the fence) and ending the turn...I know that aliens are supossed to be powerfull but they are to harsh at the moment like you are guaranteed that the alien is gonna fire a normal shot(if not supressed) and a burst shot...I don't even understand why are they having burst with a pistol...that just seems dumb to me...Not sayin the plasma rifles burst...I can take out cover in 2 shoots then the third will shoot your soldier and then you are left with a bleeding/20 hp men in the middle of the battlefield... I personally think that burst shoots should be more rare... Also Sathra you remember I had problems with power sources?I finally got one!! Also I'm interested in installing your mod but i hear the Xeno-Menu mod install is broken.So how do I install your mod and Xtended Soldiers?
  4. Following on from the intrepid researching that brought you, The Truth is in Here. New evidence linking Xenonauts to UFO conspiracy...sorta the truth about the Caesians has been found. This little item was available for sale in the mid 1990s. There were another couple of creatures in the set, that I'll post up shortly. But look at the similarity between the image and our Caesian "friends". This version reminds me of a sketch taken by one of the Roswell witnesses, as well as a number of 1950s contactees. More to come, unless Chris and his MIBs manage to track me down first for revealing the real truth behind the Alien Invasion. Single Icelandic incident indeed...
  5. Hello this is my first post on the site so be gentle, also had a quick look and didn't see any similar recent forums. So in Xcom there was a pretty fair amount of enemy diversity, but overall besides the three basic alien types (melee, ranged and psychic) you rarely needed to switch up tactics to repel a change in opponent. Given the trouble making different species it makes sense to make battling each enemy type feel very different. Here are a few ideas I blearily came up with while my mind wandered, im pretty certain you can all come up with better stuff. The Carrion Reaper: Goes after corpses to inject larvae rather than living things. Gives the ability to stuff corpses into your backpack for relocation more weight and turns something so seemingly simple as a corpse into an enemy asset needed to be captured. When not engaging in legitimized necrophilia it'll attack humans as fast as a regular Reaper/Chrysallid yet perhaps not quite as deadly. Defending corpses would be paramount to avoid being overwhelmed, anybody you don't want endangered could be made to haul bodies from danger zones. Invisible melee enemies: A Xenonaut is able to see it only when it becomes close, lets say 5 squares. This means hording action points for reaction fire and closely guarding eachother's back's is a much safer formation when you know one is lurking about. Combine this with a long ranged troop and the player must make careful decisions about positioning and line of sight. Looking down a street and seeing nothing might be reassuring, or worrying if you suspect these things are about. Crawlers: Climbs up walls, or perhaps its an alien fungal that grows on walls. Either way shoots from above with sticky biological stuff causing a unit to spend more action points when moving for the rest of that battle. Anyway its getting late please post more ideas for enemies! Oh and I also understand its probably too late in the development process to add anything big anyway but nevertheless...
  6. We've read that Xenonauts will not be going into the same sort of UFOlogical territory as X-Com, preferring to chart it's own course. Well, as far as it's able to as pretty much everything that was X-Com was rooted in UFOlogy. Yet, something was bothering me about the Alien Invaders... Here we have our crashed Alien ship in Xenonauts, burned into our retinas from too many late night missions. Note the wings taper off behind the main section of the craft. Now, if you were to thicken those wings and rotate them round towards the front of the craft, just a smidge, you'd get a more bullet-like version of this craft here... ...and here Now, the thing about those 2 are they are updated images of another craft sighting...way back in 1947. Although not the first UFO sighting, many certainly feel that Kenneth Arnold's sighting in 1947 near the Cascade Mountains pretty much launched Flying Saucers in the public mind. Pictures completed for Arnold's sightings are below. But really you want to be thinking of how he described it... remember: Now, questions:- - Just when did the Men In Black get to Chris? - Is the Strategic Planetary Defence Simulator there to prepare us? - Will Chris' mind implants affect the project? - Does Chris find being a brain in a jar, in the Sebilian base, affect his social life? - When will the real invasion start? - Will my tin foil hat help? Ironically, the game that tries to steer it's own path is pretty close to the original sighting.
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