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  1. That's good, but comes back to the documentation thing; If someone did have some documentation links I'll edit them in to the OP so any information ascertained in this thread is consolidated (I'm really a fan of not-forums, but people really seem to like them >~>, Oh well; do the best I can with what I have)
  2. That's Excellent to hear Solver. I hope to see this game grow in the coming years; I would be happy to make community content for it though I was having some 90's flashbacks and "cold sweats", so to speak, over the modding tools as provided.
  3. In reply to erutan: yes, I am not asking for the game sources to be released; Anything that is part of the actual game engine that needs to be used in the modding tools can be packages in a library as a binary form in any distribution. I was merely looking for moding tools that themselves can be moded.
  4. Just a heads up, I'm actually quite happy with the game and when/if *my opinions* sound harsh; Just remember that I complain because I care. I'm not here to become an argument. Personally I'm most offput by the need to threaten potential enthusiasts, even if the threat is made with good intent. > We're allowed to (and will) sue your ass in the UK if you break either of those rules > That is as good as it can get Yaaa proprietary software strikes again I don't care enough to be a bureaucrat/lawyer as well as being a developer for free. Proprietary software has a tendency to be underwhelming at best, in general. At least when something is posted open source, under an open license, thous who care can do something about it more than complain. Thansk for the attention and all; and thanks for all your input. But I'm completely content with playing other games as well.
  5. Eww, That's not an open invitation. Thanks for the link, however I may just start my own hacking tools from scratch, something that really is open source.
  6. Hey, I'd be really interested in developing better modding tools. Is the source code for the level editor is available anywhere? If Not, is there documentation on the format of game content file? If Not still, is there a 3rd-party MediaWiki where moders are actively hacking to derive said documentation? If Not Still, then exit(withdissapointment=True);
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