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  1. It's been my first opportunity to jump onto a ground combat build of Xenonauts and I'm pretty blown away by the progress to date as well as the polish already demonstrated in the V8.1 existing assets. I messed about in a ground combat mission and for the most part the gameplay was smooth, looked great and most importantly reminded me of the gameplay I so enjoyed as a kid. The best part is that it already has a few great little tweaks and items I've always had in my XCOM wish list. Animations in particular were very polished and smooth to watch. Everything from bringing the shotgun to bear to vaulting over small obstacles was fantastic. The smoke and fire effects are very nice too - the explosions also have a nice animation. So far I'm really impressed by the devs. Keep up the good work!
  2. After clicking to open a door with a soldier whilst on his last AP my soldier got stuck in a kind of a walking sound loop until I could move him his next turn. I had to also click about a few times in order to "unlock" him before it would register the walk movement on the next turn.
  3. My soldier burst fired with the M16 through a window pane while targeting an alien. The window burst after 2 rounds and the third hit the alien. It crashed at this point.
  4. On that note - can someone give me some advice on why my attached screenshot only displays at such a small size? I saved it as full screen.
  5. The text in the options menu is very dark and you cannot see the actual key assignments or anything else etc.
  6. Self explanatory. Selecting windowed mode has no effect. The game still launches into fullscreen.
  7. Yip - same issue for me too. @Chris - no worries dude - that's what the beta is for. Always better to find these issues during the UAT
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