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    AWACS v1 - Final Release

    This mod is AWESOME! thanks again dskzz
  2. darkray

    AWACS v1 - Final Release

    Hello again dskzz, Thankfully, there were no problems on this end. I followed your advice and used the suggested program notepad++ to edit the fore mentioned .xml files and now the awacs text & descriptions are present ingame. Hey Max_Caine, I really appreciate the response Now, If you focus your attention to what dskzz's posted below your previous comment, he better explains the issue that has been problematic for me while trying to edit the strings.xml & xenopedia.xml files included with your mod. These same files are used within dskzz's "AWACS v1 - Final Release" mod which conflict as you know because once you install another mod atop another using the same files they overwrite. However, dskzz was kind enough to provide a detailed tutorial to get around that issue; while allowing users to utilize both mods. Long story short Max_Caine, the problem is solved now and everything works as intended; so thanks 4 your awesome mod. Yet again dskzz, Thank you for the help
  3. darkray

    New character "gaming" faces/bodies

    WoW! these are very nice!!! Great job & work on these models kahvipannu
  4. darkray

    AWACS v1 - Final Release

    thanks dskzz, for the in depth tutorial Almost everything went well while referencing your guide during installation of the mod and it functions as intended minus the the ingame text, & descriptions; but only because when attempting to edit the strings.xml & xenopedia.xml I receive a error. Now, it turns out the creator of the lore+ mod either locked or don't know their mod files are corrupt. A further explanation would be that when attempting to access or edit the fore mentioned files above from the lore+ mod within an .xml editing software, it returns a error message stating the file is corrupt. I'm not sure it's much you or I can do about that considering the creators of that mod purposely locked those files to prevent tampering, and possibly stolen material by another creator. Thanks again though 4 the help & I wish you luck on your mods & hope you will continue to improve them
  5. darkray

    AWACS v1 - Final Release

    Hey dskzz, I would really appreciate some help with this mod. Now, you mentioned you included the file "_readme_what_to_add.xlsx" in case people who used other mods such as Lore+ could add the content provided in this mod without rewriting over the previous mod and potentially ruining their game. I must say I have little to no modding experience when it comes to this game or for that matter .XML editing. So, if your not too busy with real life or improving your mod, would you please consider giving a detailed explanation on how someone would go about implementing those extra lines of code within other mods that use the same .XML as your mod? Thank you dskzz for reading this & your consideration.