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    [v 1.5/X:CE] Armour Resource Pack

    Hi everyone, was attempting to install this + the cybernetic armour mod, but AndreiN's dropbox link on the last page seems to have gone dead some time in the last couple of years. Does anybody happen have the patch file for the armour resource pack + CE 0.35?
  2. Is this dead? What a shame... it sounded so cool!
  3. DeliciousPi

    Base Names

    Well, I try to name my bases after a region-appropriate last name, with Air Force Base appended to the end, as all of my current bases maintain interceptors. For example: the two bases I currently maintain are Kowalski AFB in Russia, and Davidson AFB in Cuba. I'm planning to build a third base in Indochina soon, as I've had four alien bases there... I think that the aliens like it. Maybe the sunshine? Anyways, I don't normally rename my soldiers or vehicles. I like having their stories built throughout the game, and Foxtrot 1, Charlie 1, etc. works just fine for me.