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    V9.1 Camera Bug

    I'm not sure if it's the Experimental Beta or not but I did encounter a bug with the jungle map where when you attempt to rotate the camera the screen would flip and glitch out on the map
  2. Been playing the current version (V3) and I've been wondering if we'll be able to swap weapons (when avaliable) for soldiers for better overwatch purposes. I think I remember playing that during when the game was demoed on GOG.com and kinda missed that.
  3. warmarine

    Unused Art

    When playing xenonauts lately, I noticed that some of the awesome artwork that was presented before were replaced. This included the victory/defeat status on each ground mission, the briefing status is missing etc. I was wondering if this was a a deliberate decision.
  4. I tried the mod but for some reason during the loadout for soldiers, the faces and hands are missing