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  1. I had a similar problem with Warden armor, I had too few, did produce new ones an suddenly after one produced I have enough again. Chris answered me with an explanation which might be the same reason for you: See here.
  2. No doesn't work. Not out of inventory nor anything in hands. Always have to drag items to the ground. Laser shotguns sound suspiciously like standard shotguns. Is that intended or are there no sound implemented yet?
  3. No weapon selected = none shown = correct. Laser cannon shows normal cannon.
  4. Had a small UFO downed and Skyhawk on its way to ground combat. My fighters downed a second UFO, a new type for me - Destroyer, while Skyhawk was shortly before landing. After successful ground combat at small UFO site and while Skyhawk is on its way back, I got the research info about the Destroyer, before I had visited it. I mean you could get some information about the UFO from the fight, but not about interior design, machinery and the two levels. At least in my opinion you should get this info only after a ground combat. The soldiers don't have to be inside during combat though.
  5. Ground combat with lots of Wraiths. My soldiers had their vision on the terrain and also into the building below. But not the soldier in the image, as during the enemy turn the door opend and a plasma bolt came from the tile in the room. It travelled through the wall with the ladder and destroyed the two crates in front of the soldier. The window was broken before. I don't know if a shot possible if any tile edge or corner can see any of the target edge or corner, but as far as I know the shot is always coming from the tile center. So why did it not destroy the wall?
  6. Hmm, so I had all the Warden armor all the time and they were not "in my books"? But I couldn't equip them. And even when I tried to put that warden-less soldier in the dropship it didn't magically get an armor. And also not when I re-selected the soldiers current role. I will take a close view on that in the future.
  7. I have a picture of MARS not crushing an object by driving through it. I have seen that only two times now. The one above and with some table in an office building.
  8. It happend to me quite often for a while, but recently I haven't seen this anymore. I write it off as an odd occurance...maybe because the game proceeded over a couple of patches and one fixed it in any way. If it comes back I post here again. Thanks for your answer Chris.
  9. Update on my own post above, as I came about this in another night mission: I guess it just looked as the flare fell through. Actually the flare is IN the roof, as you can see in the images below. It illuminates the roof and the room at the same time, while visible in roof and room view.
  10. With Xenonauts 1 the Mod scene was very agile and many people created lots of differents mods. And the community that was there to assist/advise/critsize/demand/propose and sometimes cry about game devlopment steps before and after release, was helping the modders as well. I expect something similar will happen with X2.
  11. Lost soldiers with Warden armor in ground combat missions. Thought that all items of soldiers were retrieved from the mission, but surprisingly I ran out of Warden armour. I had two more than the number of soldiers so I didn't see it immediately. When tried to equip a new soldier, I had no Warden armour anymore. Ist it a bug that armour is not retrieved? So I started to produced new ones, 9 in total for all soldiers without. When it said that Warden armour ist produced in Geoscape view, I checked Engineering which produced 1 of 9, with 8 still open. However now all my 9 spare soldiers in Armory screen have Warden armour again. Did the game brought all lost armours back because I produced one new? Or is it a bug that produces all required in one go here? Its reproducable with these two saves: Load user_day_69_manual_save_before_warden_is_back-4.json, check spare soldiers in Armoury only having the tactical suit. No other armour exists. Then wait in Geoscape view until it says Warden armour produced. Check soldiers again, all 9 have it. Check engineering, 8 still to go. In this save they all have it again: user_day_71_manual_save_warden_armor_back-3.json
  12. And again in my first terror misison at night. Wanted to get rid of the fuel station which was blocking my shooting sight to alien targets, and decided to blow it up. My MARS fired its thing and then the game lags for good 2 minutes. As I thought that might be due to the successive explosions I waited. Next screen, everything is gone, including the one alien on the top edge of the screen. Some rubble, fires and smoke remain. Would have loved to see the explosions. Hope that will be fixed in the final game version.
  13. In my first terror mission - at night - saw a Reaper on a roof come into view and backing out again. Threw a light flare onto the shallow roof. Flare went through the roof landing inside the building. It illuminates only the inside but can be seen through the roof.
  14. In a ground misison - my first terror mission, and it was a night mission - a soldier does not have grenade slots, although he has those in his backpack. Going into the backpack and coming back doesn't solve that. Tabbing through soldiers and coming back to him, or clicking to another and then back, doesn't solve this. Only reloading the mission solves this: Note: Haven't seen that before in night mission.
  15. Had that console pop up just briefly (<1 s) as I was changing the role of a soldier in the Armory screen. Just noticed the red lines, though the console was larger for me.
  16. Played a couple of ground combat mission (on Steam). In 3 of 5 combats and when it is loaded the very first time, the keyboard doesn't work properly in different ways: Only WASD works and nothing else. It is not possible to click any buttons by mouse. ESC doens't work. Cannot move soldiers. ALT+F4 is the only option. After restarting the game and loading the save game of missions first turn, all is normal again. Tried that a couple of times always works then. On another mission the QE works but nothing else again. ALT+F4, retart reload, back to normal. And on another TAB for soldier change works but nothing else. ALT+F4....yes Alt-Tabbing out of the game is also not possible then. Pretty annoying. So I could offer saves, but I don't know if is possible to recreate this effect. My guess is the initial creating process of the map, the loooong loading bar which stutters and stops occasionally, causes this. When the map is saved it is just loaded and not created?
  17. ...and when there is noise from the next room, somone gets angry and smashes that wall and both groups look at each other and create an awesome rock song together...
  18. Wow, thanks for being so detailed. "..the hit-chances seem all fine to me considering the covers and the situation.." Really all of them? I mean Wraiths and furniture objetcs in the way, okay. But this: 65%, two steps away with nothing in between, and then missing a lot (over a couple of reloads) was what made me to experiment here with soldier stacking. Your remarks: demolition charges - I don't use them at the moment. Just a choice of playstyle. pistols - had them for a time but they didn't do it for me. I had Snipers with pistols to go in the UFO, but it wasn't worth it. Wraiths - my first encounter in X2 here. Did read about the shield thing in the autopsy. I did not want to use grenades due to damge to loot. entry stack - like I said, I don't do that normally, it was a test because of the missing shots. MARS - ok I did not know that it can break the UFO doors too by driving through it. Tazers - I have build them recently and used them the first time in this mission. And yes I have seen that they don't work properly and have too small range. Batons are on their way. Your suggestions: I have not yet tried to uncloak with frag grenades, due to this being my first encounter. Will glady use that. Yes I always position my soldiers properly before opening the doors. (Not like i did here in the entry room, though. But fate (RNG) was against me that whole day I guess, so I went to extremes.) I refrained form selling stock right now, as I don't know if future research projects reveal to us something of it, like Sebillian corpse for "insert future gadget here" Again thanks for tackling this. I will try to change my approach here and see what will wortk better. Thus said, I am still not convinced that displayed hit chances and actually hit/miss is directly related. Their seems to be some other hidden factor here, but I am no one for meta-gaming.
  19. This is the save with all soldiers in the entryroom and before opening the door: auto_groundcombat_turn_17_start-215.json Note: I normally don't get all soldiers inside, especially not the snipers. And the whole squad is not balanced as most of my experienced soldiers are wounded at base. However, the squad had decent hits in this mission before. As said before, the one opening the door throws a flash bang. And these are the pictures of my shot chances then: Shotgunner vs. Wraith Shotgunner vs. Mentarch (...had to go back to make 2nd image) Rifle vs. Mentarch Sniper vs. Wraith Sniper vs. Mentarch The chances look not bad, but they miss a lot nevertheless which annoys me. (Edit: My snipers never hit here, NEVER. And I have three...) And - as said - it feels as if it is worse inside the UFO. In buildings it is much better, for instance in during the cleaner mission. Encountered aliens in buildings before and hit/miss is "normal". Inside the UFOs, not so much.
  20. I'll try to find a save, but I don't know if I have the right one anymore. My experience with shields in X2 is not great, one shot and it's gone, so I skipped those. In X1 it felt more durable. And yes, normally I do have soldiers in cover at the end of a turn. Here, in the UFO, I experimented a lot to see why I can't get the aliens but always lose soldiers whenever I open the door.
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