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  1. You do know you can already change the name of any soldier in the game already right? So in that sense, none of the soldiers are hardcoded. Being able to change the name but not the appearance is kinda silly because if the purpose is forcing these people to be in peoples games, that's already undercut by allowing name changing.
  2. I don't think you understand what I'm asking for. I'm not asking to be able to change the existing faces, just to be able to select the one you want for your soldier from the ones that already do exist. There is no "08/15-Scrap-Change" to the faces, just saying "oh, I want to select one of the other faces for this character."
  3. How does that have anything to do with it? You can already change the names, I'm not saying we should change the existing faces, just let us select from the ones available and select the soldiers gender and nationality. Nothing you said would prevent us from just being able to select from the available options.
  4. For me, I love being able to change my soldiers to people I know. This was such a small thing in the new XCOM games that added a lot of enjoyment for me. So in addition to just allowing changing our soldiers names, I'd love to be able to change appearance, gender, and nationality on top of the existing name change, to match people I know. I know this isn't the most pressing thing and I'm not saying this should come before major features, but I still think this is a small thing that would add a lot to the game and should be done at some point.
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