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  1. About the maps:

    I really hope they make enough maps that we'll never know where the UFO is crashed. We need to have maps with lots of different crash positions, the way it is now you can tell where are they on our first turn.

    yeah, I'm not playing for this. Ufo enemy U was very nice because each map was different, while for example "ufo extraterrestrials" was not so. however they are very confident,

  2. "worth the extra money" :P You make it sound like donors made a conscious decision to hire him. It's just that enough "backers" bought stuff so Chris had money to spend. A level designer certainly puts a lot of the workload off of Chris.

    All the maps are already automatically semi random. I think there would be extra work involved in making a fixed map (though not impossible) Furthermore I don't think the leveldesigner can do anything like creating a randomizer or procedurally generated maps. That would be up to the programmers.

    Short answer: Current version if you start making your own maps using the map editor tools provided. V14 If you wait for official maps. (as mentioned in the very first post in this thread.)

    PS. I see you have already been in the mapping section of this forum asking why no one is making maps, but you don't seem to have taken a stab at it yourself? :confused:)

    I try but i very noob lol, Wait v14

  3. There will presumably never be map rotation. It's a 2D game, meaning there is no possibility to rotate the map in a three dimensional way. The best you would get is rotating the screen so the units are either lying down or standing on their heads...

    Or have 4 copies of each map (designed to look like they have been rotated 90 degrees from each other) and some how track what happens on the other maps and modify the 3 "hidden" maps while you play on the one active map.

    The first post says that the deserts will be added into the game in Version 13 (29th July). But you will have to wait until someone does an actual map with the desert tiles. (assuming Chris hasn't slapped on together himself)

    Edit: (also assuming Chris has added an identifier to the geoscape for deserts... most likely he will have done that.)

    So that would be V14 when the first batch of maps from the designated level designer is expected.

    Short version: V13 If you make some maps yourself. V14 If you wait for official maps.

    no :D

    I meant to map rotation, maps are always different every game, not the fact of turning them. Now there is a type of farm and a type of industral with the object in same location. My question is: which version we will have more types of maps?

    so I can start playing seriously: D

  4. You have completely misunderstood the purpose of an alpha build. We aren't supposed to play the game we are supposed to test it. We are supposed to report bugs and come with suggestions to improve features. Additional maps has no impact on that what so ever. The only thing additional maps would mean is that it takes longer for goldhawk to get other stuff into the game.

    ok but, how can I test the alpha version if I can not play with two maps I get bored ... However, we confidently await :D

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