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  1. I would like to speak again about jet attack. For me it would be a nice addition.

    Could be do so:

    if you escort dropship with jet you can launch an attack from above once a battle. And it would be simple to implement i think.

    What do you think Chris? And if someone dislikes this you can disable this features


  2. On 10/10/2022 at 9:39 AM, Chris said:

    @mitrida yeah, the loading times are a pain. Unfortunately most of the load time comes from the debug logging, so everything runs much faster if this is disabled. But if we disable it then we don't get the crash logs. Do you have the game installed on a solid state hard drive?

    And yeah, we'll get the crash bug on the abduction tube fixed shortly and release a hotfix.

    can i test the game with no debugging tools? (YES I have an ssd 850 evo)


  3. 4 hours ago, Alienkiller said:

    mitrida, the heavy Combat at the beginning with inferior Troops [Armor, Weapons etc.] is more then Realistic. You have to use Cover as much as you can and Crunch / Lay Down your Troopers.

    The best way to save your Troops is to have 1 to 2 Snipers, 1 to 2 Heavy-Troopers (LMG / Grenadiers) and an Combat Vehicle on Board. As well as make an Upgrade with your Suits and Starting Armor / Starting Weapons incl. Ammonition.

    mhhh no is not realistic, if i have jet i can also bombard this is realism. For me is very satsfying bombard alien from above, or blow up with a napalm strike

  4. 8 hours ago, Chris said:

    Thanks for the suggestion. We've always been against having indirect fire weapons in the game like mortars or airstrikes etc, simply because we think the interesting part of the game is putting your troops at risk fighting the aliens on the battlefield. If you can just blow them up with an airstrike (even if it's just one attack) without risking your soldiers then it'll make the game less fun and challenging overall, even if it'd certainly be cool the first few times you did it!

    Yes that is true, but add more realism. Eventually you can add this feature( i think implementing it is simple) and add an option to disable it from options. Often i lost all my soldier in a mission, with this option i have an opportunity(one time) to save a part of them. You can also add a cost for the bomb attack.


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