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  1. Greeting from Ukraine. Sorry for the mistakes in the text. I think that secret alien operations in different cities around the world will bring diversity to the daily affairs of a xenonauts. The idea is to create a new kind of alien that can hide among humans and conduct various experiments on them. There are a certain number of intelligent aliens of this type (let's call them generals), each of which operates in one of the cities with a certain number of their clones. Their activities interfere with our development, reduce funding and eventually begin to create hybrids. We need to hire spies, keep in touch with different regions of the world to conduct spy missions there and protect cities from propaganda. Perhaps with the capture of several generals, we will discover the details of invasion or new technologies (such as the genetic modification of our soldiers, as in Xcom Enemy Within). Such alien activity may be related to the destruction of cities by an alien station. Every month, generals move from one city to another, and a city that has been actively experimented on is being destroyed in order to: cover their tracks; distract humanity from the cities where the generals are now and the cities where this month's experiments are being conducted; and cause panic in a country whose city has been destroyed. If spies in a certain city (there may be several of our people in each city) notice the presence of aliens (this may be the city where the general was or is), you can send them a small assault team, which with the spies will carry out an unexpected operation to clean up the enemy (Xcom: Chimera Squad). If you are spying in a city where the aliens have already entered the active phase (such a city is chosen randomly from where the generals is now), then you send there your usual squad, and each spy in the city slightly reduced the panic in the region . After that, all the people will be evacuated from this city (the city will be destroyed later, but with less panic) and you can get new information about hybrids that will also start to appear over time . After such battles you will know the generals' route (if you leave at least one clone or hybrid alive). Also, if you are conduct a ground battle near the city with a general, wait trouble. If you have interrogated the enemy and he said that the General is in the same city where you have just carried out a covert sweep (not a city in the active phase of the experiments, the General is moving again if the city will become so), then you can try to capture or kill the general. There's a lot he (or his body) can tell you. What do you think about it?