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    Help with getting community edition working

    hello again Seems to be working now, i removed everything again and reinstalled thank you for the help
  2. KageNoRyuu

    Help with getting community edition working

    hello Thank you for your help. This seems to work. still happens if I fill the lab but otherwise seems to work. it does not seem to work, I build a second lab in the base and the same seems to happen. I removed all files and reinstalled them completely. the same thing happens. would altering the base stats of the soldiers do something like this?
  3. Hello I am trying to install the community edition of Xenonauts. I have tried both the forum edition and the steam edition. I start the game with the load order unchanged from the default and add no other mods or changes. I have tested several things and the only thing that breaks is hiring any number of scientists. This removes the current research project and makes the scientists unavailable and the project never completes. I also let the first project finish and then started another before hiring more and the same thing happened. Is there a known cause of this?