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    Suggestion: Continental Bonus

    Thanks you Chris, I didn't expect you to reply on this personally. The suggestion is a bit rough / unpolished yet, I know , but I guess you understand generic idea behind it. What excite me a lot is the lot is the asymmetric gameplay / huge replay value found in recent games line Endless legend / Starcraft 2 for its due unique units / factions based taste. Probably this can served as other better ideas in future wherever it fits.
  2. Hi Guys, I am a lurking KS backer newbie (please be gentle to me lol) , just some rough ideas for adding an additional strategic / easy to maintain layer for base building North America - 25% faster tech research, unique base building: Space Lab - cost down research / hidden technologies China / Asia - 40% faster in injury recovery, unique building - Battle Academy - additional slots for hiring, additional level veterancy (some sort of communist strength) USSR - 20% wider perhaps in radar range, 20% faster aircraft speed, unique building - Espionage Center - ability to uncover alien activities etc , new soldier type - agent (larger eye sight range or camouflage / hide ability) Africa / Middle East - 25% Trading / Financial bonus, unique building - Black Market - perhaps some short of guerrilla force / mercenary, lower quality aircraft but much cheaper Cuba / South America - portable base within continent, unique building Nuclear Technology (famous tech in cold war) probably wide out alien base without troops I have not played Xcom for years, just thought might be good since we go for multiple bases vs XCOM single base, Free feel to chip in.