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    Suggestion for soldier animations

    Good to hear that.
  2. justinas91

    Suggestion for soldier animations

    Exactly And thats why i do not like the current standing animation. Because they look more like on guard duty and nowhere near a combat zone.
  3. justinas91

    Suggestion for soldier animations

    Maybe my standards for animations are too low, because i find the change from standing to crouching acceptable. And i think the shift their weight, look around animation is dooable and would add to the idle animation list for variation.
  4. I think the current idle stance animations are too passive. The idle stance from Xenonauts 1 where better because soldiers where at (low ready stance) > Combat ready stance with weapon muzzle pointed down and gunstock at shoulder. That created the atmosphere that a soldier is waiting for an allien to pop up and i think it increased the immersion and tension. I would suggest to create idle animations with low ready stance and when soldier runs out of TU to shoot switch to current idle stance. That way soldiers that have enough TU left for shooting will be at a combat stance so you will know they are ready to fight or shoot on overwatch and those with current idle unable to shoot. Sorry for my bad english