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    Editing files question

    Thanks, this is what i figured, very helpful sir, and i tried taking apart the assets (i know existing asset unpackers exist, but i prefer making my own) , still working on an effective method, good choice for keeping your game from being ripped off, bad for modding though , i shall persist. You guys did excellent work getting 2 improved over 1, its excellent work.
  2. So seems release version is pretty close, been tinkering with the files getting ready so i can add some more minor changes to my playthroughs. Thing is i`m having some issues finding the weight values of items. Anyone happen to know the location of the values? Before anyone mentions it, i`m not wanting easier games, I actually want to specialize my troops more and its easier if i have no choice due to weight limitations, so i want to make things like medic bags much heavier, pistols next to nothing, rifles heavier, magazines carry slightly more and so on. But i`m struggling to find the files with the values. Range, TU cost for weapons, % to hit, all easy to find. Also cant find the unit recruitment stats and TU cost for movements and using things on the combat maps, like doors and so on, really want to make it much harder, borderline bdsm :) Would be great if anyone knows and they could point me in the right direction. Its possible i`ve overlooked something obvious, but you never know.