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    Xenonauts-2 November Update

    Thanks for the reply, I completely understand. I figured it was a long shot given the circumstances. I will continue keeping on eye on X2, y'all keep doing what youre doing!
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    Xenonauts-2 November Update

    Oh you don't need to explain to me that my laptop is very obselete, I know. I game on my PS4 mostly. That being said, the laptop runs XCOM 2 twice as well as Xenonauts 2. XCOM 2 is harder on the GPU and the CPU- and notoriously poorly optimised to boot! So clearly there's some headroom there, even when considering the fact that Goldhawk can't match a AAA studio when it comes to the resources dedicated to optimisation. Besides, I'm only hoping for a capped 30fps. As long as the dips to 10fps can be resolved it's not impossible.
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    Xenonauts-2 November Update

    Ok get ready for a wall of text -My specs: GTX 765M (laptop chip), i7-4700MQ, 8GB ram. -The battlescape when its static: 30 fps @ 720p. But when I pan the camera or reveal "black areas" the fps drops to around 10 for a few seconds. Happens a lot so it's basically unplayable. -The geoscape: 20-40. The night/day animation for advancing time stutters a lot. And when UFOs pop up fps drops to around 10 for a few seconds again. -Maybe to do with CPU utilisation or texture streaming? I know the system is old but hopefully it can achieve a capped 30 fps down the line? -I'm a big fan of Xenonauts 1, so I pray that y'all can work some optimisation magic. I reckon there must be lots of people in my situation, because Xenonauts 1 was really easy to run. -Maybe make a performance thread? It'll be useful to get an idea of how it is for everyone before Early Access
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    Xenonauts-2 November Update

    Thanks for the update. Do you think you'll do an optimisation pass before Early Access? Right now it's impossible to know if I will actually be able to run the game. The betas aren't very playable for me but they are completely unrepresentative of the final game. Even a rough estimate of how much you guess performance will improve by would be helpful.
  5. Learning air combat in Xenonauts 1 is harder than it should be. There is barely any tutorialisation which is strange for such an important (and fun) part of the game. Even if one learns the theory from YouTube videos or whatever there is no way to practise without (sometimes pretty bad) consequences. Not to mention practising with different friendly and enemy squadron compositions, starting 'angles' and so on. What usually happens is that more casual players (i.e. not the hardcore fans on this forum) autoresolve until it becomes untenable in mid-late game. They probably assume that autoresolving will work well throughout the entire campaign given the right squadron composition- after all that's how it's been so far, right? Mid-late game is a terrible time to start practising. So I suggest that y'all look into adding a simple 'air combat sim'/'practise arena' to Xenonauts 2. Don't lose sight of the new or more casual players who will be confused asf. Remember, someone can be a big classic x-com fan but still be stumped by the air combat. Thanks for listening to my ted talk.
  6. Deleted this post because they were common questions answered before
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    New to Xenonauts 2 with some basic questions

    Thanks for the info