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  1. I'm on the latest version of the community edition, though I'm not sure what that is exactly. I go to xenonauts.exe-properties-details and my version is blank. The problem is sometimes, when I use C4, (in this instance I set the timer and placed it on the ground from my inventory) all of the C4 that I have equipped across my squad goes off (and gibs most of the squad). I assume the game thinks I'm setting the timers on all of my C4 for some reason. This has happened a few times, probably 10% of the time when I use C4 or plasma charges. In this instance I was in ground combat, first mission of the save, light scout, ceasans, farm, veteran, iron man mode on (rip the squad) The soldier dropping the C4 was holding a pistol and a shield, placed the pistol an the ground, took the C4 into his hand, set the timer, dropped the C4, ran away, cried because he forgot to pick his pistol back up (his fault not mine), end turn, half the squad explodes.