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    Geoscape Strategic Operations

    Pretty late response on this, so hopefully you haven't gone too far with it, but I'd take a page from Xcom 2 Longwar. In Longwar, you could assign Soldiers, Researchers, and Engineers to "havens" (allied bases on the maps). Assigning a research or engineer (which are limited themselves) would improve one of two resource generation of the haven, depending on which one you sent. Sending a soldier would root out alien infiltrators, and improve recruitment at the haven. Rooting out the alien would result in a combat mission, with the soldier having whatever equipment you gave him and some haven civilians to assist. The effectiveness of the soldier also depended on his rank (experience). Soldiers assigned to havens would also help defend the haven if it came under attack. The importance here is all the benefits you gain from assigning a valuable, skillful soldier to a haven. It improves his effectiveness, and improves his combat effectiveness if he ends up in a mission (his survival and the mission completion). I think it's also important that the haven can spawn missions. It gives some tangibility to the assignment, rather than just numbers. If you send a good soldier there with equipment, then you'll have an easier time in the tactical battle, rather than 10% less chance of failing on a dice roll. For example for Xenonauts 2. Let's say there's oh, an important research base reverse engineering alien tech in Russia. They help assist you in research. You can send scientists and experienced soldiers to assist with research (soldiers providing first hand knowledge). This base will also be periodically attacked. It's important to send a good escort to make sure this base stays up, but you also have other priorities as well so you can't perfectly defend it. You could forsake it for another objective, maybe it won't be attacked in the mean time. Maybe you're confident you can maintain air superiority and nothing will slip through. Important choices that aren't just numbers. I think that's important. You don't want it to be busy work (for example, I dislike the idea of limiting it by helicopter amount. That screams busy work and just another number to balance. I would rather have few, interesting strategic operations, than so many that I don't have enough resources to do them all)