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  1. Il would require a lot of resources and time. American style is used in those kind of games because it's the standard for a generic theme. (think about Xcom, Simcity, The Sims, etc.)
  2. I think they use a plot parcel systems like Xcom 2 does, so u can have some procedural generation but without being completely random.
  3. This is great! Your game cover almost every "must have" environment for a game like this. I also wish there will be some interiors, like various buildings in towns or things like that.
  4. This is an aspect it shouldn't be understimated. In a long campaign, repeating similar looking maps over and over can kill the game. Xcom2+Wotc did great in this regard with plenty of different scenarios (desert, forest, city, underground, wasteland, ecc) Phoenix Point, on the other side, doesn't look promising because all the maps look like industrial areas, and this will get boring sooner than people may expect. So i ask, how many different type of areas will be in the game? Can we expect a decent amount of variations?
  5. Hello Cris I wonder if you guys could make an easily editable in-game text, so that the community can provide translations in many languages.
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