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  1. On some other forum i found out that you need Preator Overmind, but i can't find him. I capture few Preators terror leaders but that's all. Also i think that i am suffering from bug with my tech tech because on phase 4 i capture evey alien unit and theis weapons and still my technology is old-fashioned. i have no sentinel armour and many more cool wepaons and armors. i check the tech tree for mod x-division and i gather everything that i need for them and still nothing. I have many fun playing X-divions mod, very hard but really cool. It was first and last playthrough on this mod and also game. i decided that i wll stop playing this because i can't get any more futher. Big thanks to the authors of mod X-division you guys did amaizing job it was honor for me to play it. Stay strong Charon.
  2. Hello everyone, I am playing with X-Division mod and i am at phase 4. I captured Praetor and interrogate him. I started the Pre operation Endgame and my objective is to find capable psionic unit. My Question is: How do i do it ? Do i have to wait for him to appear or maybe it is some unit already at my phase ? I would my gladdly to hear any advises. I also add a sreenshot from my game.