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    [X:CE V0.35]BloodBGone(V2)

    This mod is currently broken. My apologies. Please do not download. I have left the older version up which should still work (V1)
  2. This tiny mod simply removes the reference of God-hood with regard to Praetors in the game text. The old version had a path error that made it incompatible with X:CE. This has now been corrected and tested to verify it is working. To install, simply download and replace the xenopedia.xml file located in your Xenonauts installation folder at: assets > mods > xce xenopedia.xml
  3. Trench-Digger

    [X:CE V0.35]BloodBGone(V1)

    Thank you very much! Not sure what I expected, but your greeting was a pleasant surprise.
  4. Trench-Digger

    [X:CE V0.35]BloodBGone(V1)

    This basic mod removes the red, human blood and gore from Xenonauts. by replacing it with a blue colorized version to simulate the 'blood' of human-designed combat androids. Included are some optional files to give the human soldiers (non-annoying) robotic death-sounds as well as some 'Footage Destroyed' screens for the more unpleasant autopsy entries. Unfortunately, I'm not an experienced mod creator, so you may need to unpack the files and move them to their appropriate directories by hand. Just follow the file-paths included. BloodBGone.zip