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    Feature request..Let me keep my loot

    I use alien plasma pistols and rifles at point blank as breaching charges to punch through walls quickly and let my second squad flank the aliens cover or pass through a wall to avoid open arias or doorways... Would be nice if I could keep my picked up plasma pistols for my shield solders to use as breaching tools and heavy point blank firepower. The rifles are also nice for Assault troops early on to replace shotguns. But this game does not consider the creative ways people could utilize the tools presented. I see it as a wasted opportunity.
  2. IronHide77777

    [V1.09] Reinforcements mod (V1.0)

    Had to create an account to download this mod as Steam always fills my computer with viruses and forces me to do a clean install of my entire OS to eliminate the problems... vinilly May I re-post this mod in someplace that requires no registration and BS to get it?