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  1. Question: Do aliens technically create those sounds as well and is it possible to visualize these ripples perhaps? Because to be honest, I think it's great the AI can use sound as a means to locate your approximate position but if this mechanic is in the game, the player should have the same information. Otherwise it's just basic cheating. Period. I mean, if the aliens can hear us and throw perfect grenades just from that sound information, we should be able to hear them walking around on the other side as well so that we can avoid putting our poor guys in danger in the first place. Currently, we're incapable of 'hearing' the aliens, even huge metal ass bipedals don't make the slightest noise. (Of course they play audio when you can see them, but from a gameplay perspective they're completely silent to us).
  2. I would be inclined to believe you if those granades would happen to land at approximate positions. It also doesn't seem fair for the aliens being able to use sound for calculating my teams position if I can't use the same mechanic for my own team. If this behaviour really isn't a bug, then it's a bug that you as a player have absolutely no capability to use sound as well. The light scout drone going completely silent as soon as it enters a dark tile isn't really fair now, is it? Also, the pinpoint accuracy EVERY time makes me believe it's not just approximates based on "sound" information. The AI throws their grenades always perfectly on your head. Meh, a hunter scout engine alone should be capable of masking a few footsteps in the grass shouldn't it? In my honest opinion, I'm all in for more intelligent AI. However, based on testing, I don't believe grenade throws to be a result of intelligence. Just the simple fact that when throwing grenades, the AI always exactly knows where you are and NEVER misses. EDIT: Also, if they're supposed to know my position so exactly, why don't they just shoot me with rifles instead?
  3. Hi there! I gotta say, Xenonauts: Community Edition is really great so far and I love it, this one bug though... Screenshot: Description: Well yeah, put your guys on walls, get nades thrown at you. With pinpoint accuray no less. Happened on 4 different locations so far which makes me believe it's not just a fluke. In the gif, they threw actually 2 nades... Reproduction: Using the provided savegame, put multiple soldiers at the wall, skip a few turns. One time they threw them right on the first turn, it usually takes a few turns. There is another alien coming up from the left which can be dispatched with the hunter. Killing the alien on the left or not doesn't seem to make any difference however. No additional mods used except for the stuff that comes with X:CE Wallhacking Aliens.sav