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  1. Hi, How to disable reaction fire mechanic? Please just dont say things like "noob learn to play" etc, because maybe im not a pr0, but a bet game on normal ironman (CE). Now im doing some fun with merging mods and changing values since i dont know nothing about coding etc. Things like 35 LoS, more shots from shotgun (lower TU), economic changes, etc and its nice quite different game. Now im trying to disable reaction fire for me and enemies just to see how it would play. I figure when i change all weapons mod for reaction to "0" (pistol and carbine have 1.5 of this value) it would disable reaction fire. But sometimes reaction still works on rare occasions, it seems like i only lower chances. Or maybe choose minimal distance for reaction fire because reapers. It would be great, reaction mod x10 and range to 7 tittles or something like that. There is something like <BurstReactionFireRange>10.0</BurstReactionFireRange> any command like this for normal reaction? Pls help someone.