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    Geoscape Strategic Operations

    Strategic op suggestion Sir, the war has begun. We need to evacuate <key political figures>. Do you want to: Send soldiers to guard the President until evacuation of the Whitehouse is complete? (Full evacutation of items and personell - takes days). Play the mission yourself? (Evacuate the president now - let others worry about his furniture). We cannot spare the personell! (Count on the secret service to keep him safe - they are trained for it). An alien vessel has crashed. Do you want to: Raze the site with bombs. Eradicate hostiles manually (Play the mission). Spend days securing the crash site (No risk to your soldiers, but they will be busy for days. Auto-resolve (Roll a dice and see if your team eradicates the threat or flees. A UFO has been scanning the area near one of your bases. Do you: Attack it (Increased chance the enemy will detect the base. Shut down power grid and go silent (Chance it will not detect the base an move on. But base defense batteries are offline.) Strategic op requirements SO's have specific fixed-value requirements. For example: Assassinate Alien Commander - requires 200 points of accuracy for a 50/50 chance. You can send 4 rookies with 50 accuracy each, or your best soldier (100 points of accuracy) with an expensive alien-tech sniper rifle that increases the chance by another 100 points (but you cannot use that sniper during missions while the agent is away). double the accuracy points to get 100% success rate instead of 50/50. A base is compromised - send 5 personell to help with moving things to a new site (any 5 personell - soldiers or scientists - they can all assist with moving stuff). Blow up an alien refinery - Requires 1000 points of munitions. Select a soldier and give him all the explosives we have. Handgrenades, molotovs, timed bombs, RPGs. Destructible objects in Geo-Scape The geoscape in X-COM Apocalypse was fully destructible... Failed SO's should leave a visible 'mark' in Geo-scape: Ruins after the white house. Burnt down rain-forests. Broken pyramids. California sunk into the sea. An active super-volcano. Pre-landing safety-measures Before landing a heli in a hot-zone, players should get the following options (depening on their resources and tech-level): Hover - The helicopter above the landing site so snipers can take out any hostiles in the immediate vicinity pre-landing. (risk of damage to the helicopter). Quick fly-by - The map terrain is revealed prior to landing, but enemies remain hidden in the fog-of-war. (Risk of damage to the helicopter). Drop bombs/napalm/Cryo-bombs/Stun-bombs before landing - You may select several points on the map where you want to drop any payload you have manufactured. (Bombs and fire leaves no lootable tech. If there are hidden allied targets in the target zones, then you will get civilian csualties. 'Nuke' the site with cluster-bombs/carpet-bombing/mini-nukes - This will kill everything on the map, including loot. But it may be the best way to deal with a crashed UFO Troop Carrier when all your agents are tied up in side-ops. Satellite coverage - Full map. No Fog of War outdoors. Fire support - The heli will circle the edges of the map and you can order a soldier with a sniper or gatlin gun to stay in it.