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  1. This is a weird one. It could just be because I'm using an old computer with a terrible onboard intel gpu, but it's strange the the problem just showed up after it was working fine for a while. The game and mod was working properly for about a week, then one day the alien ships on the world map would be invisible. I can still send a ship to intercept, but it is follow an invisible ship, and it keeps re-prompting me to intercept the same ship as it follows it. I can continually hit cancel to have my condor chase it a little at a time before it prompts be again to follow the UFO. When it finally catches the invisible ship, the game crashes to desktop. Vanilla Xenonauts works fine, but now as soon as XCE is installed, the issue is immediate, and happens every time. One time while I was testing, local forces managed to down a UFO before one showed up on my radar. While I still had no visible target on the map, I was able to send my troops out to the crash location, and the ground view loaded up fine and seemed to be working. I'm on Windows 7, using the GOG version of Xenonauts, so I'm using the manual install version of XCE. I'm uninstalled an reinstalled both the game and mod multiple times. I've also redownloaded the game files and mod files in case the download was corrupted, to no avail. STEPS TO REPRODUCE - start game - advance time until first UFO appears MODS USED Only X:CE 0.35 XenoBug.sav