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  1. Is X2 being set further time than X1? I noticed the soldiers appear to be using LBV-88s or some variant thereof, so I'm guessing it's set in 1985+ as opposed to X1 which is set in 1979? If so, can we set them getting C7s or M16A2s as the standard ballistic rifle, if not something more exotic? I understand the demo build probably just was using assets from X1, but it could be a nice flavor to distinguish it from X1. I think the H&K G41 would be a nice feeling option here. Also X1 had some annoying anachronisms (eg KSK being a possible former unit despite them being only formed post-reunification). I'd be willing to help research and check this for X2.
  2. While this is true, I feel there are some ways around this a) you could have aliens show up with anti-armor weaponry earlier on if you deploy AFVs often during missions b) you could have enemy AFVs that detect yours but are mediocre to bad at detecting infantry c) you could make AFVs all attachments to the Xenonauts from national militaries, reliant on their favor and requiring "favor points" of sorts.
  3. While I understand the difficulty in transitioning multi-tile vehicles to 3D, I thought they were one of the most unique and interesting aspects of X1. Most other games in the genre do single tile or don't mess around with vehicles that much. Ideally I'd like to see properly crewed vehicles, along with more variation (the German Wiesel comes to mind as an ideal choice as it's meant to deploy from a CH-53) with a bit of crew management, but I can understand if that doesn't fit into the current design plan. I feel that abstracting vehicles into UGVs makes a lot of sense from game design, but it would be nice to see some love for the armored crews as well. It also would allow for INDFOR to possibly field some really cool vehicles like BTRs or M113s with human crews. Seeing an INDFOR AI motorized infantry squad attempting to battle the aliens would be pretty neat.
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