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  1. have the 1.65V and works like a charm, thx again Charon for the noob assistance! Play on easy and already lost 3 soldiers in the first mission...ohoh!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Will take some time to get this version due to my internet connection. Cheers
  3. Not a steam user. Made a clean install as following, Xenonauts - xce-034-3, copied the xcemods-034-3 into the mods folder - installed X-Division and the X-Division 0.99.45 Patch. Attached are screenshots from the mod manager. Now if I intend to start the application, this message shows up and freezes everything: "Manu.XAircraft9 is not a manufacturer category name (Name=ManTech.MIG32)!" Any advice in solving this? Mod manager.docx