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  1. How about imagining the soldier cannot spot the alien initially due to distance/camouflage, but once a squad mate has reported it, he can see it? That would explain aimed shots (or any shots at all). I find your logic a bit lacking, because the only thing if the soldier cannot even see a target is that, he/she can shoot in the alien's general direction based on a radio signal/shout of a comrade in the direction of the alien. Good luck hitting anything like that.
  2. Thank you for your detailed answer! Hopefully, whatever is implemented satisfies those who liked the Xenonauts air combat, and ... me who didn't (at least judging by the interest in this topic).
  3. I loved Xenonauts, but I hated the UFO fighting minigames. The reason why I never finished the game was because as the UFOs got harder, the "Autoresolve" option stopped being a viable way of downing UFOs (at least on Veteran Iron Man difficulty). Thus I was technically being forced to play the minigame. For example, in Total War series, the autoresolve option for fighting generally leads to worse performance than if you fight the battles manually, but at least you can get by and I've finished games on Legendary without fighting a single battle. However, this did not apply to Xenonauts. As such, could you please summarise your view on the future of UFO fights in Xenonauts 2? Will the fight be more streamlined like older UFO games, or will the minigames persist? If you are set on having the minigame (I hope not), could you please make the autoresolve option more viable? Obviously, I understand that you cannot make autoresolve results better than/as good as having the player fight the battles, but at least something that yields better results. Thank you very much for the consideration!