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  1. This is my first time playing so I looked around and downloaded X:CE and the latest patch for it. The entire process from downloading the game and changing options is this. -Download game -Download X:CE from Steam Workshop -Download the latest patch from here(probably didn't need to do this) -Switch to community branch -Launch game -Open Modding Tools -Enable all the English mods -Move Xenonauts Fix Pack to first priority -Launch game -Click on Options -Try to change ANY options I then get a CTD. I started a game without changing any options and it seems to work. I haven't loaded into a combat mission yet though. I haven't saved anything game states and I have tried to verify game cache via Steam and it still gives me the error. Edit 1: I just saved a game and exited the game. I tried to load that game and there was no save data. Maybe I don't have a save folder? Edit 2: Screenshot of my folder. Edit 3: FIXED IT. Changed my save location, there were two Xenonauts folders. One in documents that was empty and one in my D drive. I pointed the save location to the one in my D drive and it seems to be fixed!