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  1. Hi all, Long time lurker and finally more recently started to dabble into Xenonaut modding (I have modding experience in other games in general). My question: If I wanted to add my own races.xml with a higher mod priority than XCE and make some vanilla races a "main race", is this the proper syntax? <?xml version="1.0"?> <Races> <Race MODMERGEATTRIBUTE="id" MODMERGE="insert" id="harridans">harridans</Race> <Race MODMERGEATTRIBUTE="id" MODMERGE="insert" id="wraiths">wraiths</Race> <Race MODMERGEATTRIBUTE="id" MODMERGE="insert" id="reapers">reapers</Race> <Race MODMERGEATTRIBUTE="id" MODMERGE="insert" id="drones">drones</Race> </Races> Solver mentions modifying races.xml here, but more recently I explored how Policenaut did it in XXP and found he was having issues modding it here with bases so wondering if his method is the proper way to do it regardless of his bases workaround? It seems so since it follows the modding guide here. Also do I need to include the original races from XCE in my races.xml or the game will know that I'm just inserting new ones (higher priority over xce)? After that, I can just add new UFO content xmls (not bases) or assuming I'm using vanilla races only? airplane.alien.<ufotype>.<new main race>.xml Thanks in advanced!