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    Shield held horizontally

    My soldiers leave the aircraft and their shield rotates so it is bisecting them and held out horizontally
  2. Class5License

    V7 Medical center is 2x2

    In order to add a medical center you have to destroy something in the original base setup. It is 2 x 2 where I believe it was a single space in the original Xenonauts.
  3. Class5License

    XENO Feed unavailable

    It is working for me now, thank you!
  4. Class5License

    XENO Feed unavailable

    I was firing up Xenonauts to see if there were any updates to my mods and I'm getting the error "Xeno Feed unavailable" I'm connected to the internet (obviously, or I wouldn't be posting this) and disabled my firewall and virus scanner to test. Is anyone else having this problem?