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  1. Oh, NOW I get it! I had to translate article here. Sorry about that. OK. Let's do some English practice 'An independent developer Goldhawk Interactive that is working on the X-COM remake – Xenonauts last three years just opened the page on Kickstarter. They are raising funds to make the release closer and better. If they can’t reach this target, the release will be later on October this year. The Xenonauts gameplay is very similar to original X-COM. In base on classical mechanics developers have made it more profound and understandable. The player leads an international Special Forces group who is trying to defend the planet from the alien invasion. The entire globe is available to him on strategic map, so hi can use the key positions for military base. He has to launch interceptors to dial with UFOs. Construction, research, production of weapons and finance and personnel management is also part of his duties. When interceptors catch up with UFOs the game switches to real time air combat. On each side of the air combat take part up to three pilots, and it’s possible to command them separately. If you manage to shoot the UFO down, Xenonauts launches turn-based battle. Tactical combat location are generated randomly, and all objects on the tactical map are destroyable. The UFO capture is not only the mission. You also can clean-up occupied territories, attack alien bases and defend your owns. Unlike the other developers who collect money by Kickstarter Goldhawk Interactive does not offer buying something you know nothing about. Right now you can download the Xenonauts demo and check this out. The minimum amount for buying a digital copy is $20. The information about other awards is available on the project page.' And there is a voting below the article. The question is – Did you like the demo? For now: 47% 123 Have not seen that and do not want. 23% 58 Not bad! 19% 48 Excellent! 6% 15 So-so. 5% 12 That's nonsense! SilverMoonFlare, спасибо за разъяснения!
  2. Sorry, I really can't understand what you want to say.
  3. And we (Russians) are watching you! Probably the biggest Russian gaming web sate 'Absolute Games' has news about you, guys.
  4. Thank you, Chris. I still hope you'll solve that. Even maybe after official release.
  5. I don't think it's necessary, cause there is nothing official. Just a modification. Afterwards any one can change these text files. But the game doesn't show Cyrillic, and I can't understand, am I doing something wrong, so it's my fault, or there is a real technical problem? Anyway, I don't want to hurry anybody. I know translation isn't main problem now. I'm just trying to show - I'm ready to work on it, it's really interesting.
  6. OK. I've translated the xenopedia.xml file (descriptions only), and now I can't move forward without your help. There are two files in the attachment 1) translated xenopedia.xml 2) .doc file with Russian and English text. Unfortunately you're keeping silence. I don't know what should I think. Have you confirmed the problem? Or was I so stupid with my trying to use Notepad++? Or you was so scared with my Engrish? (I know, it's isn't perfect, but it's much easier to translate from English to native then write or speak English). Anyway, English words usually have too many meanings to translate separate words without context, so I should stop and wait for your answer. [ATTACH]681[/ATTACH][ATTACH]682[/ATTACH] xenopedia.doc.zip xenopedia-r.zip xenopedia.doc.zip xenopedia-r.zip
  7. Well, maybe I'm doing something wrong. I open strings.xml with notepad++. I can see, UTF-8 is used. So yes, I think it should support Cyrillic. Replace soldier's short rank is the easiest way to check changes for me - I can find it in the game immediately. Then I change the ranks, save the file and start the game. But only I can see in the game are blank spaces in place of Cyrillic letters. Absolutely the same for xenopedia.xml I think, I should attach strings.xml which has the strings were changed. Here it is. The strings # 192 # 196 # 200 # 224 # 228 # 232 were changed. strings.zip strings.zip
  8. Cool, thanks! I'm looking forward to receiving your answer.
  9. Oh, sorry I think, I used wrong section.
  10. Hello, everyone! I’m trying to translate Xenonauts into Russian language. Some sort of game modification, you know. And there is a technical problem here. The game doesn’t show Cyrillic. I was trying to switch code page from ANSI to anything else but it doesn’t work (why don’t you use Unicode?). Is it possible to do something with it? By the way, I’ve translated your website into Russian (except gallery-pages and elder news). I can't understand haw to attach files to this message so, I’ll send it to you by e-mail. Please feel free to use it any way you want.