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  1. LeChat

    [V 17.1] Heavy lag

    It was the last NVidia driver (461.40 WHQL)for GTX970 I revert to the previous one and it works fine.
  2. LeChat

    [V 17.1] Heavy lag

    Sorry, that might be something else. I also have the same symptoms on other games (like Warband).
  3. Hi, After some time playing with the same version, the game has heavy lag. Like a frame each 2 ou 3 seconds. Either on strategic map or during combat. It happens when continuing the game (I launch the game, load a save, and here is the lag). I tried 3 or 4 times but that is too annoying. I play on Steam and have checked the files without any error. (Documents\My Games\Xenonauts 2\ directory attached) Thanks ! Xenonauts_2.7z
  4. LeChat

    January Update & Planning

    If you allow a great liberty in modding, everybody gets what he wants