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  1. Hi, Realise this is a necro - have just picked the game back up and can still see this bug is an issue. Any idea what's causing this? Was this ever registered as a report or did I miss something?
  2. spriksprak

    Animations missing

    Hi there, Hoping someone can help me fix an annoying problem. Starting a new game with community edition (no mods) I'm finding my troops and the aliens are missing animations on the battlescape. Mainly this comes through as the fire animations not being synced to the shots (often cutting short) and the hit animations are hit and miss, often the aliens will simply stand there when hit though they produce the pain sound and the damage numbers. Any idea what's causing this? I think I've seen it in X:CE gameplay videos so understand if it's a sideffect of some alteration to the engine but would be a bummer since it pulls you out of the immersion somewhat and is kinda irritating! EDIT Just found an old post I made about this I'd completely forgotten making - will bump it instead. Must be getting old!
  3. Encountered a problem in ground combat: -'Nauts & Aliens start firing animation but reset to stance after approx a second, projectiles still continue firing - most visible with burst fire. -Wounds cause numbers and wound sound but no animation/reaction to hit. -Running with mods but have narrowed down to being present when X:CE settings is switched to active in modding tool. -Experimented with an earlier version of X:CE and (despite crashes) this bug wasn't present. Thoughts?