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  1. The main modders of this game are gone. Only Kabill and Max are here from those days and as i expected they forgot what they did some years ago. I forgot many things too. I asked for XCE codders for the command lists we can use to mod the game with every aspect but nobody cared.. Many times i just saw some commands with luck, here and there and shocked about them. I think to know everything you need to read every XCE version change logs.. if they are still here..

    Other reason is, the most hardcore mod at old days was XNT which used as much cod variation at a mod, and it was a team work. After that, nobody cared to push to the limits. Kabill made some specific mods and it's it.. Other mods were always replacing/adding/changing game aspect stats.. new weapons, new planes, new buildings or rebalancing them.. Nobody touched to AI (XNT and Max experiments) , enemy units, complex air game mechanics (Circus mods were only examples), UFOs and other things..

    Let me be honest.. Even XCE codders made things modable which nobody wanted/used aspects.. this was a poor time losing on unnecessary things. Adding new UFO's and random research codes added because me and some other modders wanted them so badly. So XCE project died with tons of unrepaired/hardcoded things left.

    I cried even begged at my topics and special notes, even i wanted to pay to add some easy things like more air weapon types, erasing manufactures, more usable manufacture topics (Kabill saved me here with at least opened the old topics), double weapon vehicles, more ammo type for soldier weapons, repairing airplane armour, repairing ground combat end mission looting, making air weapons with ammo, repairing replace item code and for other countless things which a modder can use them to create much more open minded new mods.. but no..

    I am still working on my mod for 1.5 years, thx to Charons unlimited help/support and if somehow i got some of the things i wrote here, i could create nearly a new game..

    I am just sad..

    You have my total appreciation guys. Unfortunatly I don't know anything about codes and similar stuff, so I can't be helpful, I'm sorry.