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  1. Is this compatible with X-Division mod?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    DESCRIPTION Hi everyone, this is a compilation of new soundtracks for xenonauts. Each specific music file (like "Geoscape 1" or "Ground Combat Day 1") are usually composed by more than one track. Here is a list of games where I stole from soundtracks (of course, they own all rights): - Xcom: enemy unknown - as geoscape - Deus Ex: Human revolution - as geoscape - Mirror's Edge - as geoscape - Borderlands 2 - as Ground Combat Day - Counterstrike and Rainbow six 3 - as Ground Combat Day - Commandos 3: Destination Berlin - as Ground Combat Day - Crysis 2 - As Ground Combat Night - Far Cry: Blood Dragon - As Ground Combat Night - UFO: Aftermath - As Ground Combat Night Xenonauts-assets-audio-music.zip INSTALLATION Installation of thi music pack is pretty easy. Passages how to install it follow: - Unpack .zip file: you'll obtain a folder called "music" which contains .ogg music files. - search for your Xenonauts game location (for steam users it should be: (...)\steamapps\common\Xenonauts\assets\audio\music) - Paste the folder and overwrite all the .ogg files - You're done: enjoy it!
  3. Hi there! 

    For everyone who needs 3D model (textured and, eventually, shaded) I'm available. Just ask!

    Link to works: https://www.behance.net/GiuseppeQuattrone

  4. You have my total appreciation guys. Unfortunatly I don't know anything about codes and similar stuff, so I can't be helpful, I'm sorry.
  5. Okay Drages, thanks for information!
  6. Ehi guys, I've a problem: I've just started a new game, but my soldiers have access to all the best weaponry and in the hangars there are thre big planes. I suppose something go wrong...
  7. Alright! I can model spaceship, so let me know if you'll have something in mind.
  8. Hi drages and hi everyone! I'm a 3D modeler/sculpter/texturer. If you need some kind of help, I would be glad to help this project.