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  1. Good news everyone! I genuinely, by some witchcraft, managed to fix the problem I've been having! What I did was simply reassigned each dropship to a different base (sending them back afterwards) which required a little juggling about but was doable. This caused them to leave all their soldiers behind (both those that the game thought were assigned to them and the ones the game wasn't admitting was assigned to them) including the tanks/armoured cars. So, with all the dropships now empty, this also meant that the game no longer was trying to keep an already dead tank inside my dropship and so I can access the garages now AS well as can correctly assign soldiers. Basically it looks like it sort of reset the whole thing! I haven't played long enough to see if this also fixes the issue I'd been having with soldiers not healing, but I have no reason not to be hopeful now that the rest of it seems to be cleared up! Thanks for all the suggestions though guys! I really appreciate it!
  2. Okay, so I gave this a shot today and unfortunately it didn't appear to do anything (game still instantly crashes when I try to access the Garage). Honestly, I figured this might be a long shot anyway, because the garage in a new game had been working fine previously.
  3. I, obviously I guess, haven't the foggiest why it's happening to me specifically. Could it at all be due to the fact that I was last playing it at some point last Summer and then the updates between then and when I picked it up again the other day could be what caused the crashes? Like some incompatibility between two versions? Anyway, I did as you suggested and downloaded the Community edition and tried it again. The game still crashes the second I try to access my garage. However, when I tried starting up a new game accessing the garage was easy and worked perfectly. I actually tried starting a new game and the Garage worked even in the non-community mode the other day too. I think that all my problems might actually be linked to the Garage crash thing, because my issues with the dropships might actually be due to the fact that they are registering a dead tank as still being on-board the dropship and this might in turn be effecting everything else (if I send the squad on a mission, despite saying the tank is on board it isn't there in the actual ground combat phase, so obviously the game at least kind of knows something's up). Is it likely that this is something I have any chance of being able to fix, because I'd really rather not have to start all the way from the beginning again?
  4. [ATTACH]6336[/ATTACH] I actually have continued playing since I sent that previous reply and so I have a more updated save file here. The majority of the problems SEEM to have stopped actually. The game no longer crashes randomly but rather in a more predictable pattern. It always crashes if I try to access a garage (any garage) and I think it looked like my vehicles weren't actually repairing, but I can't confirm that. It also always crashes when I try to move troops around inside the dropships (in the base menu). Other than those two things though it seems like the other crashes have rectified themselves (I.e. I can access ground-combat, the armoury and the rest of the base without any difficulty). On the other hand, the dropships are still registering being full despite the troops themselves being described as "unassigned". First try.sav First try.sav
  5. Okay, I've tried to attach the save file I have been using, hopefully this works [ATTACH]6333[/ATTACH] First try.sav First try.sav
  6. Picked up Xenonauts again after a few months break and it now crashes almost constantly while I'm playing. It crashes occasionally when switching through the base options. It crashes occasionally when I try to change my solider's gear. It also sometimes crashes when starting a ground combat phase. In particular it seems to always crash when I try to view the garages of my bases and it also crashes when I try to move soldiers from their positions within the dropships. It feels very similar to the crashes reported in the Beta version ( http://steamcommunity.com/app/223830/discussions/0/540743213188167919/ ) in that it's very difficult to predict them. The crashes also continued after re-installing the game just a few days ago, so I'm at a bit of a loose end about it. Also, there appears to be a bug in my game where every single soldier in my base is apparently "unassigned" but all of the dropships have soldiers in them. This means that I can't actually assign enough soldiers to fill each dropship AND that when I look at the loadout screen there can actually be duplicates of my troops in the ship.
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