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  1. I remember from X1 that if you destroyed UFO over the sea or ocean, crash site was not generated. How about changing it in X2, so add some sea missions?
  2. Hello, for some reason GOG client shows me 14.2 version, not sure why. But it's not a big problem anyway. I had a strange bug - sometimes after person run and shoot, he can't crouch. After I turn it round, he is able to crouch. And this happens only from time to time, I could not find a 100% set of steps to reproduce it for sure.
  3. @thixotrop thanks Also I think it would be good idea to introduce NPCs into the game. For example, in some rare missions, if you save some civilian, he gives +5 to some skill for your soldiers etc.
  4. Salam brothers! Tried the game demo yesterday, and have a couple of comments. 1. It has crashed in the beginning of some turn, without creating and dump or log file, so have no idea what's happened. Started it once again - everything was fine, successfully killed all aliens - and then game automatically closed, without getting me into main menu, not sure if this was a correct behavior. 2. During the fight I opened main menu, just to check if there is something interesting. And the problem was - Escape button didn't work there, to go out I had to click something with my mouse instead. 3. Graphics looks better then in Xenonauts 1, but I would suggest to have more rework in arts and sounds. It looks like they are mostly taken from the first part, but I expect to have some new experience in this new game. 4. It would be good to be able to zoom, soldiers were quite small on my screen. 5. Backpack didn't work, not sure if that was the plan for demo to turn it off, or some problem.
  5. Thanks Chris, I suspected something like that. Fortunately, autosave works for me, so didn't loose too much.
  6. Hello, I have been playing Xenonauts v 1.51 for a couple of months, and everything was fine. But some days ago my last savegame stopped loading with an error message: The game is fine - old saves can be loaded. Visual C++ on my PC is also fine - I have tried this Savegame on another PC, and this savegame fails with the same error. Can anybody have a look? Maybe this Savegame works fine in the latest version of the game? Or it is totally corrupted? I will loose a lot of progress, if don't make this work. [ATTACH]6323[/ATTACH] 111.sav 111.sav
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