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  1. A note for @Christhat somebody on youtube is monetising copyright material from Goldhawk Interactive, in case Goldhawk Interactive hasnt handed over that copyright right to somebody else.
  2. guys guys, this is amazing:
  3. You never offered to contribute and therefore you dont have to withdraw an nonexisting offer. But if you think you made one your withdrawal is totally ok.
  4. If you thought it was, than you were wrong. It isnt. Maybe i wasnt too precise with the statement. It should have said "Sure, i never keep people from trying to contribute". Said statement doesnt mean anybody who thinks they are "contributing" gets a free pass or access to anything. But i aknowledge quality and hard work, and take what i think contributes to X-Division and give credit where it is due, without regard to my own ego ( eg. what i personally think about the person ). I am still the gatekeeper of X-Division quality, and set the standarts of what "quality" and "contributing" means.
  5. The point is that @Chrisgave youtubers all rights to make video content and publish them wherever they like. A third party showing up either means that Goldhawk has lost control over their assets, changed their oppinion or youtube has gone crazy. Either way, it interferes with the ability of youtubers to make money, which means less coverage, which means less advertisement, which was the point of the whole agreement in the first place. Not necessarily suggesting anybody is at fault, its most likely just youtube gone crazy. This here is just a notice so @Chris knows about it ( as he propably has a lot of other stuff to do ).
  6. Which is why i suggest a visual eye pleasing candy. I just wouldnt want that developers to pretend that the aircombat would need any skill to begin with, or go wtih a proper solution. But we already discussed what that means. The Utopia of good, fast and cheap food. I would rather like them to focus on things which DO matter. Like integrating a detailed "what happens in air combat has an effect on ground combat" feature(s). Here is a fast eye pleasing eye candy which is over in 16 seconds, and optionally can have a detailed connection between aircraft weapons used, UFO parts hit and which information can be transmitted to the players in various stages. You can make infinite stages between this and the X1 aircombat.
  7. I cant help to come back to make another point. Total War Rome 1 is very similar in the fact that it also employs a triumvirat. Geoscape ( turn based ) Ground Combat ( Real time, pausable ) and Sea Combat ( Ships vs Ships ). Now the last point in the series is 100% autresolve. Up until Total War: Empire, including Rome 1, every naval battle was an autoresolve only. Now there were players who wished for full scale naval battles, and after Empire came the players who said it was awful in comparasion to the land battles, and then they removed it in later installements again, giving birth to the players who lamented the lack of sea combat gameplay. So what can we learn from this ? (1) Even AAA games substitute large parts of their games with autoresolve solutions (2) That is ok as long as they focus on the quality of things people do like. Grand scale armies clashing together in a detailed Land Combat Environment. Simply put: dont forget what your game is about. (3) Implementing a third aspect to the game with the same quality is not only very resource intensive and will propably be not be on par in comparasion to the main focus of the game. This is the same aspect as when people say that food can either be 1. fast 2. good or 3 cheap. Ofcourse people want to have fast, good and cheap food, but realistically you can only maximise two aspects. This sums it together pretty nicely: I personally didnt miss the naval combat in Rome 1, and i was happy to not spend time on something which is on a lower quality as the rest of the game.
  8. Announcement Since there have been confusions in the past and @Dr. Ethan is under the impression of something I would like to clarify the following. @Dr. Ethan has never been given any permission to use anything and WILL NOT gain any permission of any nature whatsoever in the future. I would like to ask people to not take my announcements personally as they are not intended as such. Thank you.
  9. Im pretty sure you are wrong. If you have a corvette submap it needs to contain the right props, otherwise no datacore will be recovered. But you will easily see that once you try it.
  10. Im pretty sure Fire in the hole does not have X-Division specific assets, like datacores.
  11. X-Division also has a No Airgame option which gives you 100% chance of victory as long as you keep your aircraft up to date and are intelligent enough to line up dogfighters vs alien interceptors, and bombers vs bigger UFOs. So you dont need to play the airgame in order to play X-Division. Mulligan shows this impressively: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHgIsPDtzjQ +1. Still, as a developer, you gotta be satisfied with your game. +1. Top down shooter aircombat is still neat though.
  12. ? You are in Phase 1, you will need the X-Division art from Phase 1 to work with if you want to play with it. Unoffical releases are supposed to be only found by the ones who are looking for them, otherwise i would just release them. Alternatively people can always ask, which still means they need to know it exists.
  13. I agree with you, and thats what my long post had at its core. You either make it so everbody can access the content, or you refrain from crossbreeding. Or you cater to the smaller group of people who like both. Or you cater to the small group of people who like both and implement a proper autoresolve system ( preferable with lots of flashy graphics so everybody feels good about winning ). In the long run i dont recommend a turn based strategy minigame in a turn based strategy game, for the same reason people buy their favourite ice cream the most. Its not like they dislike other ice cream, but they only have a stomach so big for ice cream in general, and you want to fill that with your favourite one. There is a reason why a minigame is radically different from other gameplay, but is in the best case optional.
  14. @PALU Shoutout to all the fixed typos you corrected. Can i nevertheless insist upon that you take the alenium and powersource entries back into your file again ? If you want, you can take the official file here: xenopedia (2).xml
  15. What did i say about people who like turn based gameplay, but not real time one ?
  16. i couldnt agree more. I could tell you if you ask me very nicely. Or you could add another "search for the problem 5 hours" to your list. What do you want ? Thank you ^^. Are you getting jumpy about the new weapons ?
  17. Wait, wait. I have to disagree completely. Since i hardly played the vanilla aircombat i cant remember it, but X-Division made so much more out of it. Hell, even XNT made it into a formidable and funny game to relax your nerves. The vanilla aircombat was nothing more than basic, but it had all its potential to be put into one of the best ever made arcade aircombat. From here on out its a detailed description of the X-Division aircombat. Skip if you dont want to read it. Fundamentally there are 5 types of aircraft dogfighters - 2 cannons, fast, agile and nimble, dodge bombers - heavy torpedo carrier, slow and slow to turn hybrids - 1 cannon + 1 missile, your typical jack of all trades, master of none, very fast, low hp, semi bombers - this depends on the phase, but ranges from fast non-dodging 2 missile aircraft over to 1 missile 1 torpedo and able to dodge aircraft super aircraft - depending on phase, but it gets an additional weapon slot, ranging from 2 cannon + 1 missile to 2 missile + 1 torpedo, the production of this kind of aircraft is limited by rare resources and is standardly hidden for players, superior stats Here is a rundown on aircombat cannon weaponry: autocannon: standart range, standar dps, higher total damage ( standart autocannon research + assimilated alien beams ) close encounter weapon: very short range, insanely high dps, low total damage ( mauser, focuslense, focusblast, shortcircuit ) zoning weapon: high rate of fire, good range, higher than 180 degree coverage, low total damage, average dps ( sonarpulse, sonicthruster, particlepulse ) long range weaponry: very long range, very small firing arc, low rate of fire, mediocre projectile speed ( can be dodged, evaded under circumstances ) ( spearcannon, corvettespearcannon, cruiserspearcannon, battlecruiserspearcannon ) missiles: missile - normal range, normal dps, normal total damage ( sidewinder, aleniummissile, plasmamissile, fusionmissile, singularmissile ) anti-missile - eliminates incoming missiles and torpedos (antimissile, titaniummissile, blacktitmissile, particleantimissile ) spawner missile - splits total damage into smaller missiles to attempt to overload anti-missile systems when present, lower total damage ( hypermissie, lowsonicmissile, warpmissiles ) mines - well ... mines, can be outrun by walking speed, very high range, good total damage, but you will have to bait the UFO into them ( minimines, stealthmines ) piranhas - close quarter, high fire rate, high dps, low total damage, low range ( piranha, particlepiranha ) torpedos: normal torpedo: normal range, damage, dps, total damage ( avalanche, aleniumtorpedo, plasma- , fusion- , singularitytorpedo ) long range torpedo: very high range, higher total damage, low rate of fire, ( gravity- , neutrino- , particletorpedo ) There are too many UFOs to be made to name, but here are a few features from which you could make your own. standard forward beam: average everything fighter beam: high rate of fire, high dps, lower range standart alien missile: average everything but higher damage and lower rate of fire fighter anti missile system: anti missile system with top of the art fire rate against missiles and torpedos, cant be overloaded cruiser anti missiles: good range, low firing speed, can be overloaded Long range spear cannon: very very long range "spear" projectile, fast projectile speed, very low rate of fire, narrow firing arc drones: homing in drones which can be countered with anti missiles, high speed, unlimited turn rate, long range etc ... The very basic aircombat system can be described like this ( blue is Xenonauts, while purplse means alien assets ): And thats just what we did with the code which was already available. No give me functioning armour coding for UFOs and we could talk again ... . Here is a 44 minutes preparation of how to take on a terror battleship in X-Division: And thats just scratching the surface. 1 UFO out of 39 ( although 1 is unbeatable ). In a nutshell i think there is a lot of room to improve. Seriously, taking a single side look to any other arcade aircombat game will make you overflow with ideas. Currently there are a lot of popular mobile aircombat games available, as a source of inspiration. The reason why people complain is simply because most people who like turn based games, like them, because they dont like to do something which requires fast reflexes ( like turning a plane at the right moment ). They like turn based things because the are not ... real time stress. And the combined group of people who like arcade aircombat and turn based gameplay at the same time is propably smaller than either of them. So i will propably have to support @dragesclaim that people who play XCOM play it for their ground combat missions. If you dont want to limit the player base who wants to get into the ground combat you cant make the aircombat too skill intensive ( like X-Division does ). But when its too easy people will complain it will be too repetetive. So i think whatever you do you could propably think about an "autoresolve" solution ( but not the X1 model ), or a simple visual representation like UFO Aftermath did. Because the aircombat is only there for people to get into the ground combat. I personally like the triumvirat of Ground Combat ( turn based ), Geoscape ( real time, managing ) and Aircombat ( real time twitch skills ) for psychological reason i could write you one or two scientific papers about. But for most people easier is better ^^. Against popular believe i like the FiraXCOM Enemy Unknown aircombat model quite well. Easy to understand, easy to execute and everything is just dice based. Big explosions and good visual representation. Propably one of the best approaches to the genre, and very similar to UFO aftermath, with some spice.
  18. Thats part of the job. You will spend a good 10 hours digging through code for which only god has an explanation for . Good luck man.
  19. Give the melee weapons some love <3 Also can you send me the latest xenopedia so i can look at it ? Much thx.
  20. Sure, i never keep people from contributing. You can just zip all necessary assets, and i can make a mod out of it, ontop of everything. Here is the quality standard: lightscouts - 2 side entrances, 1 top entrance scouts - 2 side entrances 2 top entrances ( main body and command room ) corvette - 2 side entrances, 1 back one, 2 top ones ( equal distances apart ) cruiser - you have to cut the UFO into 3 parts, 2 side parts get 1 side entrance and 1 top entrance, main body gets 2 back entrances and 2 top entrances, second floor gets 1 back entrance carrier - cut into 4/3 parts ( depending on quality ), ground floor gets 2 side and 1 back entrance, a carrier has 2 more additional higher level floors, each of them needs 4 more side entrances ( back and front ), 4 top entrances battleship: 1 top entrance, 3rd level 2 side entrances 33 unique UFOS to do, while you have to differentiate the Crashed and Landed assets, so 66. And that does not even include the artwork yet ( which also has to be done ). Also while you are at it, can you fix the LOS hole issue for UFOs, and make a proper randomisation layout for all UFOs ? That would be nice ^^. Edit: Also a unique design for a mothership please *.*
  21. If you are lacking still one ancient weapon you are either short one of the preator, or you didnt get lucky with the andron spawns. All Praetor weapons are unique to their wielder, while andron controllers can all spawn with 1 out of 3 weapons dice roll. So you will propably have to farm the controllers until they spawn what you need. I assume the reason why you like shields is because you got access to the force shield, right ? Isnt it nice when shields get heavier and heavier and then BOOM light as a feather and even higher quality. Sure, Antimatter mk4 is supposed to be something like the ultimate pinnacle of weapon development. But its nice how diverse your loadout is.
  22. @PALUApart from the kinetic rifle issue, Antimatter mk2,3 and 4 should substitute your arsenal just fine, or ? I mean in the meta of ever increasing kinetic resistance.
  23. Fire in the Hole is not included anywhere, under any circumstances whatsoever. What you see is the French translation of said mods. This kinda should answer any upcoming questions anyway. Now that i think about it, calling it Fire in the Hole (FR) is pretty misleading, as it implies its the whole mod in French. But thats literally not my problem, they come shipped like that with XCE . @Dr. Ethan Also mentioned thread is literally 4.5 years old. If i could, i would also integrate the Fire in the hole principle into X-Division, but that is literally the last remaining development issue for X-Division - maps. If you get me 5 people we can split up the work of 100 hours into 20 each.
  24. @Dr. Ethan Your overall response can get responded with by simply saying that you shouldnt take it so personally. But @PALUs reply seems to indicate there is something wrong here. As always im open to learn how to improve on my behaviour. I didnt imply you were. If you want a direct answer from a concrete person tag them in the question like @Charon. You are confusing interesting with popularity. Popularity means that other people find X interesting, while "interesting" implies you are talking about yourself. For instance you can say that Justin Bieber is popular that necessary excludes the information whether or not you find him interesting. Saying that you think Justin Bieber is interesting ( i dont ) implies that its you, yourself, find him interesting. So interesting issues are per definition only issues I, myself, find interesting. The sentence meant you had to go and look for it on your own. Or get help from other people . I rather think my response was pretty professional ( non-personal ) and on point. Whenever you have to draw a line people will feel hurt, thats natural. And the whole point of the announcement was to point out that im not going to answer your question. I sincerely hope you understand that now .