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  1. Hi, I'm currently making a new run with CE enabled but unfortunatelly, there's a lot of soldier portrait I don't like/don't wanna get (i'm a bit picky). Is there a way to customize available portrait: for example, if I delete the portrait i dislike in the xenonauts gamefiles, do I not get them, or will I get a "blank" portrait?
  2. The way Stats (UT,HP,STR,PRE,RFL,BRA) increase should be changed: -not requiring specific action (spend UT,shoot,reflex shoot, carry heavy gear, panic) forcing annoying grind kinda necessarry if you like to min/max (use smoke/reaction fire until all the team has shot vs a single alien to raise RFL and suppress whole team with LMG several turn to panic the team and raise BRV). - HP gain should be also granted on injury: Hp actually increasing with other stats means that if a soldier begin with a HP score below his average others stats (UT,STR,PRE,RFL,BRA), he can't raise his HP to max (making him undesirable in the long run) which is kinda annoying. Also add some way to customize soldier a bit: aving the option to change a soldier portrait would be nice (some are really awfull for my taste).
  3. Tharock

    Xenonauts configuration files

    After a long first game grinding my soldier, i'd like to play in veteran but grinding reflexes/strength annoy me. So i wanted to edit requirement for strength/reflexes progression but i can't edit the value. Can someone explain me how to do it?