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    Forget it, my starting soldiers has higher ranks but 0 xp, so they aren't leveling up until earn enough xp. THX!
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    I’m never a fan of Soviet weapons and I'm more interested into European stuffs, as i'm happy to play with G3s and L1A1s by mods in X1, and impressed by the introduction of ferrets in the original game, so i agree that adding some national variation into the earth-tech arsenal would be good, just let them share the upgrades but vary on stats (F-16 has faster speed, Mig29 carries more missiles, Mirage cheeper and Tornado stronger health.etc) and let players to decide their choice just like the weapon mods in X1. However, it feeks weird seeing such questions popping up in this thread especially when the main theme is "WHY NO MOTHER RUSSIA YOU WESTERN PIGS". While speaking of Soviet introduction in different games peoples seems always take these questions in a extreme political way instead of the game design approach, just like this occation, deleting Foxtrot is an approach on game design but people take it as some political bias for no reasons. I'm gusessing introducing some more futuristic but real rifles such as HK G11 or Styer AUG (G11 was under development in 1979 and AUG had already taken into service in 1978) as standard weapons would be another way to elude such debate on wheter the games are US culture-obessed. AUGs and G11s are proven to be good rifles and Austria can be considered neutral during cold war. Putting such advanced weapons (at that era) can also raise a feeling that you've received the best weapons that earth can provide to help. Edit: Corret me for above if i'm wrong, because I was sticked with my impression on X1 that the game set in Cold War 1979, but the latest beta seems to set the timeline into current date of 2020. Is this a final setting for X2, or just a temporary feature?