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    Hi Guys, Loved the first X1 and played through it vigorously and X2 is shaping up nicely. I hope to see more vertical map design that would effect game play and add a certain aesthetics to the game. X1 was very flat in its general design with only things like floors in buildings and space craft being the only vertical point. To give some examples: • Sloped hills and valleys to make the map terrain more organic and create vantage points(TFTD had a procedural map generator for this although I believe X2's maps will be hand built). Could walk down/up into new sections of the map depending on its geography and buildings. • More focus on building infiltration and making your way through to the top floors to complete objectives or kill aliens(aliens aimlessly walked around maps rather than holding points other than their ship and were very rarely found on top floors of buildings). Alternate routes could be found like climbing up ladders/stairs or drain pipes to bust through a window and take them by surprise. Gives a sense of the enemy really being in a tight spot and figuring out how to get there. Sniping alien from a window on the top floor anyone? • Varied map height design in alien bases/ships. They dont have to be multi level, but more so split in a way with larger open room stair cases to upper/lower sections that are view able from the same original level(without taking a lift to a new section/map level). This would make for vantage points for aliens to attack/ambush and better 3D like map design(I know its been discussed about multi level maps, but I really think alien bases need a preliminary level to first find where the entry of the base is, then you enter for the official mission). • Half point climbable objects like boxes(to see over walls) or climbing on cars etc. • Boardwalks and balcony's for more half way/upper level outdoor engagement that doesn't resemble a roof. Thanks guys. Hope Chris can comment.