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  1. Hi Charon, incredible how much effort you put in to support the modding community. It makes me a bit sad that there is so little feedback. It feels like there is not too many people left and the rest is possibly waiting for Xenonauts 2 to become active again. I hope I posted the following in the right thread: Some time ago I made a humble vehicle mod out of the "dualtank" assets Drages sent me over. My Turtle mod works pretty well, but some things which are not gameplay breaking still bother me, I feel the mod is incomplete if I don´t manage to fix them. I wanted to ask you if you managed to solve it and the 2 things I mention below work in the XDiv mod? According to my experience one does not need to use "modmerge" for the strings.xml is that right? Issue 1: the new vehicle is not listed by name in the monthly maintenance despite I included it in the strings.xml. Here is a screenshot that shows that the turtle´s monthly upkeep is summarized correctly in the vehicles line but below it is not listed. issue 2: the "statistics" entries are not shown for my turtle vehicle in xenopedia. I assume the values are taken from vehicles.xml and/or strings.xml but how does one make them appear? Is it those VEQ. entries in strings.xml (last screenshot) that would achieve that? PS: I should mention that other vehicle modders (LordJulian, aajs) also did not manage (or maybe bother) to solve those issues as far as I know.
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