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  1. Equipment addons. Jagged Alliance have it. Afterlight have it. XCOM 2 have it. How about X2? Pros: Extend useful life of old equipments. New weapons addons can make old guns more powerful, a middle point between new weapons and old weapons. Fine tune tactical experience. Scopes may increase aiming mode accuracy for higher TU. And weight, of course. Put it on a rifle and you have a sharpshooter rifle. Interaction with perks and base slots. Soldiers with sniping perk may be able to target body parts with a scope, but scope is still useful for soldiers without the perk. Some addons, like googles, sights, and laser weapon addons, may require an optic building to produce. Cons: It'll surely complicate things, both tactical and strategic. Examples: Medkit: Painkiller (morale) or stimulant? Body: Ceramic plate or rebreather? Battery: Night vision google or Mindshield? Gun: Underbarrel grenade launcher or underbarrel taser? (Yes. Taser.) Sword: EM shock or vibration chamber? (gunblade style) Robot: Overclocker, optics, or stabilizer? No addon, I want to bring more grenades. Expansion: If the addons have multiple levels, they can even completely take over firepower upgrade, so that new weapons can focus on other enhancements instead. For example, in Afterlight you slap "accelerator" and "advanced accelerator" to the barrel, to increase the damage of firearms. You'll have soldiers wielding heavily modded firearms (even pistols) right into final mission. What new weapons do is they open new tactical play. Laser rifle has very high hit chance, and EM weapon gives you guided projectile (blasterlauncher). This is not necessary a good thing. But I have to say it is refreshing (laser weapon is not always better) and add depth to production strategy.
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